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History being made with the first ever Musical Theatre  group in Britain to take the Grade 1 Bbodance Musical Theatre Exam 

Musical theatre syllabus class -

This class follows a syllabus for musical theatre dance. The examinations consist of steps performed to musical theatre music and includes a singing section for those that have the confidence to sing. At present, we offer the following classes in this genre

Saturday 12.35pm-1.15pm


This class is for  age 7 upwards and is the first examination class for this genre. The students are taught steps to musical theatre music, have creative tasks to encourage learning and developing skills and songs to learn to help develop their confidence in singing.


Thursday 5pm-5.45pm

There are two classes that run at the same time Grade 1 and Grade 2.

Grade 1 is suitable for age 9 upwards

Grade 2 age 11 upwards ( depending on experience in dance). 

All prepared and ready to go 

About to enter stage left

Picture of the first group with examiner Chris 

First boys to take grade 1 musical theatre  

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